X. Ephemera

Japanese Troops at Peking

The signed Guntai Techo and medal of Japanese soldier, Ando Isuke

A guntai techo is basically the service record of the soldier. Besides the details of when and where he served, it contains the Emperor's Proclamations, the soldier’s personal details like address, height, etc., honors and medals he was awarded and in the case of very old examples, a personal description, pay records and the results of shooting tests. Thanks to Teri Bryant of Nambu World: http://members.shaw.ca/tju/jhg.htm for her valuable insights.

Toy Soldiers from the Boxer Rebellion: Imperial Chinese Army

German Post Card from China

China Cancellation Postage Stamps (German 20-pf)

Tobacco Cards

Service Ribbon Bars (German Bars)

Japanese Ribbon Bar

US China Ribbon Bar

Peking 50-cent Coin Circa 1900

Replica Siege Cannon from the movie: 55 Days at Pekin. The actual cannon had an Anglo-French Barrel from the1856-1860 Second China War

German East Asian Brigade and Russian Metal Soldiers

Small Imperial Order of the Dragon Badge and Associate Mandarin 1900 Badge

German Military Belt Buckles

UK First Chinese Regiment Hat Badge

McKinley-Roosevelt Down with Boxers Badge

German Boxer Period Post Card

Field Post Cover

Unidentified Trinket/Medal China 1900

Publication: "In Deaths Oft" by C.H.S. Green

Military Post Cover Peking

Special Thanks to Professor Teri Bryant, Peter Dangerfield of Medal-Medaille, Bruce Dorsey, Pierce Fox, Geoff Oldham of Militaria Memorabilia, Ltd., and John Gisetto

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