VIII. State Medals

New York State Campaign Medal for the Spanish American War (SAW) and the Boxer Rebellion Version 2 Ribbon

The primary manufacturer of the bronze New York medal was Diges & Clust. The highest serial number documented was 9639. There were three styles of ribbon: (1). Purple/Red/Yellow; (2) Yellow/Red/Purple; and (3)Yellow (1/32)/Navy Blue (3/16)/Yellow (5/16)/Navy Blue (3/8)/Yellow (5/16)/Navy Blue (3/16)/Yellow (1/32). Ribbon No. 2 was just the reverse of No. 1. The third variation may have been changed due to the US Federal Spanish-American War, Philippine Campaign & China Relief Expedition ribbons being changed.

Connecticut Campaign Medal Obverse & Reverse

The Connecticut Campaign Medal was also initially issued for the Spanish American War 1898 and later used to recognize those who served in the Boxer Rebellion.

Massachusetts Service Medal with Nine Year Suspension Bar and FIVE YEAR and SERVICE IN WAR Bars
(Images courtesy of John Gisetto)

The Massachusetts Medal (Type 1) is a Long Service Medal originally issued for nine years continuous long service as of January 1, 1891 (later changed to May 1, 1886) with the suspension bar inscribed, NINE YEARS. For every additional five years a bronze clasp was added to the ribbon with inscription, FIVE YEARS. For service during a war, beginning with the Spanish American War in 1898 and including the Boxer Rebellion 1900-1901, a bronze clasp inscribed SERVICE IN WAR was also added to the ribbon drape. In 1957, the MA medal was completely redesigned. The new medal utilized a light blue ribbon with narrow red center stripe for the Army National Guard and a dark blue ribbon with a narrow white stripe for the Air National Guard. Each component had its own specific top bar.

Imperial German State Medals
Military Merit Cross of the Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin 1900
This bronze-gilt Military Merit Cross with the date 1900 was struck for Mecklenburgers, who had distinguished themselves during the Boxer Rebellion and was awarded in two classes. The first class badge is a pin-back version. An undated version was subsequently created and issued for 20th Century conflicts, which followed up until 1914, when again a dated Cross was issued.

Mecklenburg-Schwerin War Merit Cross 1900 2nd Class Obverse and Reverse

Baden 1902 Jubilee Medal, Bavarian Military Merit Order 4th Class and Saxe-Meiningen Military Merit Medal 1890-1914 with and without CHINA Bar

Baden 1902 Jubilee Medal
The Baden Jubilee Medal was awarded to Badeners in service who had distinguished themselves in military or public service to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Grand Duke Friedrich of Baden's reign. It was mostly awarded to soldiers on the Baden contingent of the Prussian army but also to Badeners serving in the Schutztruppe, East Asian Occupation Brigade, Marine Infantry and Navy.

Bavarian Military Merit Order
The Bavarian Military Merit Order ("Militär-Verdienstorden") was the standard Bavarian award for officers for bravery and military merit. As well as being awarded for European service it could be awarded to Bavarian (and other German) officers for colonial actions. One such as this (4th Class with Swords) was awarded to Oberleutnant Jakob Danner for bravery during the Boxer Rebellion.

Saxe-Meiningen Military Merit Medal
The only other Imperial German state medal with variations for colonial campaigns was the silver-gilt and silver Saxe-Meiningen Military Merit Medal (1890-1914 type) for NCOs and other enlisted ranks, which was awarded with clasps CHINA and AFRIKA*.

" Deutsche Orden und Ehrenzeichen 1800-1945" (the 18th updated edition) by Jörg Nimmergut, page 563.
Borough of Portsmouth, England Boxer Rebellion Medal

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