National Order of Zaire

This order was established on December 2, 1968. It is issued in the traditional five classes in both a military and civilian division for services to the state. It is the nation's third highest award.

national order of zaire
Grand Cross Set

Grand Officer Plaques

Grand Officer Plaque Civilian Division by Arthus Bertrand

Civilian Division by De Greef & Military Division by Arthus Bertrand

Two Grand Officer Stars with non-enameled inscriptions. De Greef of Brussels made the Civilian Division version. Arthus Bertrand of Paris made the Military Division version. As the relationship between Mobutu and the Belgian authorities chilled, the contract for the manufacture of Zaire's medals was moved to the French firm. In part this also was done to recognize France's support during the internal insurrections in Zaire.

National Order of Zaire DRC Knight Military Division, Commander Civilian Division & Zaire Knight Civilian Division

Order of Zaire (DRC Officer) and Plaque.

Order of Zaire Grand Cross with ribbon from Zaire

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