The Second Italian Abyssinian War 1935-36

Ethiopian Campaign, Somaliland Campaign Medal and 1st Cavalry Group di Neghelli (1936-7)

1st Div. CCNN IMPLACABLE Medals and 1st Colonial Brigade

1st BTGN CCNN d’Africa, 2nd CCNN Division 28 OTTOBRE Cross (1936) and Medal

3rd CCNN Division 21 APRILE SCIRE Medals (1935-36) and 3 Tank Regiment CARRISTI,

4th CCNN 3 GENNAIO (1936) , 4TH Colonial Brigade and 5th Alpine Division VAL PUSTERIA

5th Battalion GHIBLA, 30 Division SABAUDA and 32nd Colonial Battalions

51st Colonial Battalion, 59th Colonial Battalion, 120 Battalion CCNN ARDITO and

220 Legion CCNN, 1st and 2nd Army Corps Crosses

3rd and 4th Army Corps Crosses

Addis Abeba (1938), African Veterans and African Victory Medal,

Army Corps in Eritrea , Artillery in East Africa (1935-6), Bersaglieri in AO,

DUBAT Armed Bands in Somalia and East Africa Volunteers Types 1 and 2

Gavinana Division in East Africa Types 1, 2 & 3

Gran Sasso Division, Gran Sasso Selaclaca Division and GdiF Colonial Campaign

Royal Air Force: in AO, RA in AOI and Division Area BOREA

4th Native attalion Eriitrea and 35th Colonial Battalion

10th Granatieri di Savoia Addis Abbeba and 60th Infantry Division SABRATHA

38th Arab-Somalia Battalion, Armata Force Harar 1937, and War in Ethiopia

Artillery Group Ethiopia, 1st Artillery Group SOMEGGIATA, and 219 Legion in East Africa

Legion LUCCHINI in East Africa, Assault Troups Medal, and East Afria Medal

Security Corps (Carabinieri) Somalia and East Africa Combatant Type A

East Africa Combatant Types B & C

Commando Group XXII Medal and CCNN (Blackshirt) Group Eritrea

104 Legion nin East Africa and Band of the Mored Medal

8th Arab-Somalia Battalion LEOPARDO, Governor of Somalia's Troops, and War in East Africa Medal

IV Battalion Eritrea and Royal Corps of Colonial Troops Somalia

12th Native Brigade and 16th Colonial Battalion

37th Battalion LEONI DI HARAR and 21st Battalion Eritrea

6th Division CCNN and 19th Infantry Division SILA

28th and 29th Colonial Battalions

40th and 52nd Battalion Eritrea

87th Colonial Battalion, 186th Battalion CCNN and 220 Legion CCNN

African Collaboraters and Somalia Artillery

East Africa Division and East Africa Transport

Somalia Transmissions Group, Somalia Tank Assault, and Special Battalion LAGHI

Caribinieri Amara and 230th Blackshirt CCNN Legion LUCCHINI

81st Blackshirt CCNN Battalion RAVENNA and 11th Blackshirt CCNNN Legion MONFERRATO

IX Battalion Eritrea

Military Engineers Eritrea

Italian Colonial Police Corp Somalia and Security Corps Somalia

Medal of the 1st Battalion Transmission 7th Engineers and 4th Colonial Battalion

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